Al divito, Owner / instructor

I moved from Boston, MA to Overgaard, AZ in March of 2012 to get away from the fast paced lifestyle. Always on the go and never allowing time for myself. I've always been healthy and fairly active in sports as well as other activities. 

I began practicing yoga due to the increasing stress in my life and almost as a last resort after an incident I experienced at work one day. I was working at a medical billing company, My day was going along as usual. The next thing I remember I was in an ambulance on my way to the hospital. I had a seizure! I was put through every test known to man but there was no obvious reason to be found that could cause the seizure. I was immediately put on medication. After a year of being on the medications and no additional seizures, my neurologist wanted to change my medications. I firmly objected and asked if I could stop the medications but my neurologist was adamant that I continue and again wanted to change the medications. The discussion got a bit heated, I left his office after telling him that I'll find another neurologist. A week or so later I was given the name of another neurologist and after talking with her, she reviewed my most recent test results. She then asked me to describe what was going on in my life when I experienced my first and only seizure. To make it short, there was a lot going on with my life but I just accepted it and tried to carry on day to day. Due to the seizure it became evident that I needed to deal with the stress and find an outlet.

As I previously mentioned I had always been active, played whatever sport was in season all my life. I participated in 6 multi-day AIDS charity bike rides, Boston to New York (5 times) and Montreal to Portland, ME. Unfortunately these events only took place in the summer months. I needed something available all year long. 

I then thought of and read a few article about yoga. Then I attended my first class. After the second class I was hooked. The relaxation and the "Serenity" I felt after class was something I had never experienced before. I became more calm, the little things didn't bother me anymore. I stopped asking "Why" and began to accept things as they are. I also realized that it was "How" I was reacting to the stresses in my life. That was approximately 14 years ago. 

I began practicing once a week at the local Golds Gym, but once a week wasn't enough for me. I realized there was a yoga studio right down the street from the office where I worked, they specialized in Hot Yoga in which the studio was approximately 100-105 degrees with about 35% humidity pumped into the room through a steam vent. After my first class I was completely drained and drenched in sweat. I contemplated whether or not to continue with the Hot Yoga classes, but I gave it another try a few days later. That was all I needed! A few months later after one class I met the owner. We talked a while and I expressed my interests and experiences while in class. He mentioned that there was a yoga instructor training program available through his studios. I went home and thought about it. I realized that teaching yoga was something I could do the no only for myself but to help others help themselves!

The knowledge I gained through the teaching program was more than I could imagine. I felt obligated to pass on as much information as possible. That was 9 years ago and I'm still  learning more every day! I can only speak for myself but through my yoga practice I can honestly say that almost everything in my life has changed, mostly for the better!

I sincerely hope you can find the time to allow yourself to experience one of my classes!