It is important to respect all the students in class.

Please leave all negative thoughts and issues out of the studio.  

Some students see a yoga studio as their place of peace as well as somewhat of a sanctuary from all of their daily activities that add any additional stress to their lives.


It is advisable to come to class with an empty stomach. 

Please do not eat approximately 60 minutes prior to the start of class.

Plan to arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class. 

The front door to the studio will be locked when each class begins so please be on time!

If there are no students in the studio at the designated time for each class, I lock the door and leave!

*Remember, this is time you've set aside just for yourself*

Upon entering the studio please check in and pay for the class, place your personal items along with your shoes in the designated storage area located at the front of the studio. The only items you need with your mat is a bottle of water and possibly a towel. Please keep the floor clear of an unnecessary items. The instructors walk around throughout the class to assist and adjust the students.

​A Variety of Classes Offered

Vinyasa Flow - synchronizing breath to movement

Hatha Yoga - Hold poses longer focusing on Full breaths in and out through the nose​​ 

Heated Classes (summer months only) Room temperature is approximately 90+ degrees, please be sure to hydrate before and during class, also please bring a towel

​Community Class - very slow paced, basic yoga, good for beginners as well as those with physical limitations also an open forum for questions/answers and requests

For those interested in classes not on the schedule: Chair Yoga, Parent/Child, Private or just you and your Family please call at least 3 days in advance

All Classes $12.00

Community Class $6.00

The Community Class is a basic, low impact yoga for all levels 

​5 Class Pass $55 - must be used within 45 days

10 Class Pass $100 - must be used within 90 days

Unlimited Yoga Monthly Pass - $95

Private Classes available: $35/per Class

Semi-Private In-Studio Classes Available upon request:

Minimum 3 students per Semi-Private Class

50% Discount for: Military Personnel active and retired; First Responders:

Sheriffs Dept., Fire Dept., Dept. of Safety, HotShots